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A Champion from Turkmenistan
Jahan Bayramova is a star tennis player and passionate student
Jahan Bayramova

Jahan Bayramova is a star tennis player and passionate sports management student. She is first on the HNU women’s tennis team and ranked number one in her home country, Turkmenistan.

Bayramova’s athletic ability is surprising. At 11 months old she was diagnosed with meningitis and experienced three clinical deaths and 16 days in a coma before recovering. Her doctors said it was a miracle for her to be alive and not disabled, and they recommended that her parents emphasize physical activity to help her stay healthy. She tried swimming and dance before discovering tennis at eight years old.

Tennis quickly became a focal point in her life. At eleven, she moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates to train, and joined a tennis academy in Villena, Spain, two years later. She lived in Spain for the next five years, following the academy’s strict training regime and schedule. During this period, she traveled to 37 countries and represented her country on the national team in world cup events.

Bayramova felt she was destined to attend HNU after learning that two friends, one a fellow Turkmen, would also be attending. Bayramova said, “HNU is home, it feels like a family to me. Since day one the community here has been warm and friendly. My first year here was difficult, I sustained an injury that kept me from playing tennis and required a long and painful recovery. I am thankful that my physical therapist, coach, and teammates were supportive in helping me come back.”

In addition to her studies and tennis, Bayramova is the Red Cross Club president and HSAAC representative, works as a student assistant for Upward Bound, and is a self-described chocoholic.

After finishing her bachelor’s degree, Bayramova wants to complete a graduate degree at HNU and open her own tennis and sports academy. Her dream is to offer free coaching to children and inspire a love of tennis and other sports.