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Mattea Ayalani Carveiro '20
A Leader Transformed
Holy Names University student Mattea Carveiro in cap and gown holding flag of Mexico

MATTEA AYALANI CARVEIRO ‘20 is best known on campus for her “laugh that can be heard a mile away” and boundless creativity.

“Mattea is a natural leader who quietly inspires everyone she comes into contact with,” said Ang Banez ’15, Interim Assistant Director of Housing at HNU. “As a student leader, she is passionate about her vision to shape the entire community into something more structured, meaningful, and effective, so that everyone can do more and achieve more.”

Student leadership wasn’t initially part of Carveiro’s plans. Born and raised in Campbell, CA, she spent much of her childhood on a softball field. When she was recruited to HNU’s softball team, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Carviero said, “I knew HNU was the right place for me the first time I visited campus. I remember driving up the campus hill with my Dad, passing the trees, looking at the chapel. And I got this feeling. I thought to myself this is so weird, but I can see myself here for the next four years. I can’t explain it. I just felt it.”

While at HNU, softball was Carveiro’s priority—until she suffered a concussion her sophomore year. She tried to keep playing, but quickly realized it was going to be impossible. She made the difficult and brave decision to step away from softball.

“My HNU journey has really been about transforming from a student-athlete to a student leader. After leaving softball, I was in limbo…until I realized that I could take the skills I developed as an athlete into other roles on campus. I knew I enjoyed being part of and building community. I was excited to get to explore that side of myself,” said Carveiro.

Holy Names University student Mattea Carveiro

My first experience at HNU was going into the community and helping. And I just kept doing it.”

– Mattea Carveiro '20, Criminology and Psychology

Carveiro transitioned into many campus leadership roles, including Resident Assistant, Student Assistant for Student Activities and Campus Events, and most prominently ASHNU Student Body President.

As student body president, Carveiro was proud to sit on multiple committees and make sure the students were being heard and represented in important campus decisions.

With her bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology with a concentration in sociology, Carveiro is weighing many different career paths after graduation. She hopes those paths include plenty of visits to Disneyland and working for a university.

“It really all comes back to my first day at HNU,” said Carviero. “During orientation, a group of us went to a community garden in the middle of Oakland—a food desert. Since produce was hard to find the community came together—like a big family—and built a farm. I helped weed and water. My first experience at HNU was going into the community and helping. And I just kept doing it.”


Carveiro is also a talented calligraphy artist and painter. During her junior year at HNU she started her own business, Carveiro Creations, and has since built a large client base for her work.



This article appeared in the Summer 2020 edition of HNU Today