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Wants You to Succeed
Dr. Pam Stanley ‘07, MSN/MBA ‘09, DNP
Dr. Pam Stanley Image

If you’ve perused our newsletter or magazine lately, you’ve likely read about our Interim Dean of the School of Nursing, Pam Stanley ’07, MSN/MBA ’09, DNP. Last spring, she opened her home to HNU nursing students working in high-risk healthcare settings who were worried about exposing their vulnerable family members to COVID-19. This fall, she championed HNU’s Promote the Vote campaign, ensuring there were no classes on election day and no exams on the following day. She also encouraged her faculty, staff, and students both to vote and to support others’ access to the vote.

Dr. Stanley’s connection to the University goes back to her childhood. Stanley grew up in East Oakland, just down the hill from Holy Names. At the age of ten, she’d come to HNU for swimming lessons and explore campus while she was here. She even remembers sneaking into Heafey and pretending to teach in front of an empty classroom. “It was another world for me, a mystical place. I grew up in a household where college just wasn’t a part of our conversations.”