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Steve Borg Holy Names University Class of 1986

Steve Borg ’86 is a senior vice president and corporate marketing director with California Bank & Trust, a division of Zions Bancorporation. A true servant-leader, he has over 30 years of financial service industry experience, with a focus on marketing communications, strategy, product/channel management, and customer experience.

Steve attributes his strong creative and strategic thinking, business leadership, and active collaborative and communicative approach across disciplines, business lines and cultures to his experiences as a student at Holy Names University:

“I credit HNU for fostering in me five pillars of success that have helped me to build a successful life and career. Holy Names taught me the importance of critical thinking; it prepared me to be a good communicator; it gave me a sense of responsibility, renewed my faith journey, and gave me a global perspective, in part because of my majors and also because of HNU’s diverse student body.”

A key tenant of Steve’s core values is that we stand on the shoulders of others, and benefit from the work of those who have come before us. This is a calling to share talents and time.

“It was at HNU where I was introduced to the philosophy and values of the servant-leader. It was an invitation to share one’s gifts in order to enrich the lives of others, and build better organizations that ultimately create more just and caring communities and world.”

Steve has served on and led various board committees including advancement, marketing and enrollment, mission effectiveness, and finance. In addition to the HNU board of trustees, Steve is on the board of Oakland School for the Arts and is a finance committee chair for Corpus Christi Church in Piedmont. Steve is currently the chairperson of the board for Holy Names University.