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Journey to a new home
Tofik Mohamed '20 is focused on serving immigrant communities
Tofik Muhammed
Tofik Mohamed

After Tofik Mohamed ’20 transferred to Holy Names University last year, he immediately felt at home.

Mohamed, a first-generation Muslim immigrant, said the diverse, family-like community at HNU makes him feel safe and like he is a part of something. “Here,” he says, “I can project my voice and be heard.”

Born in Eritrea, a country in East Africa, Mohamed immigrated to the United States when he was fourteen years old. His mother, desperate for better opportunities for her family, traveled alone with her children from Eritrea through Sudan to Kenya. Without resources or a common language, they survived through pure determination. And eventually found a way to immigrate to the United States.

“I want to be a hope to other immigrants that are trying to make a better life. I want to be an example of what’s possible and show them that anything can be achieved through hard work and persistence,” said Mohamed.

Since transferring to HNU, Mohammed has been active in various student groups and clubs. He co-founded the Muslim Student Association (MSA) to help educate others on Islam and Muslims. “[The MSA] is an opportunity to counteract the image of a Muslim that’s often portrayed in the media and help more students learn about other cultures and religions.”

Mohamed would like to see more Muslim students come to HNU. “The community here has been so welcoming to me. It should continue to grow and be shared,” he says.

After he graduates, Mohamed plans to continue his education in occupational therapy and focus his career on serving underserved communities.