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Interdisciplinary Studies

Bachelor's Degree | Hybrid

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Shape your degree to match your goals

Do you have multiple interests? The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers both the flexibility and focus for students to meet their educational and career goals. It introduces students to multiple perspectives on human behavior, thought, and values. It also helps students hone skills in communication, writing, problem-solving and critical thinking. In today’s economy, many jobs and professions require such perspectives and skills, which are not easily packaged in a single college major. This Bachelor of Arts degree could also provide excellent preparation for continuing studies in law, teaching, business, and public service.

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Build your major

Choose two concentrations

The Interdisciplinary Studies major will introduce you to many perspectives on human behavior, thought, and values. You can expect to hone skills in communication, writing, problem-solving, and critical thinking, too.

In today’s economy, many jobs and professions require such perspectives and skills, which are not easily packaged in a single college major.

Scroll down for links to program pages for each of the concentrations available at HNU.

  • Computer Science

    Get you up to speed from square one with courses in coding, application development, and web design.

  • Digital Arts

    Build digital design skills in computer graphics, motion graphics, video production, and web design.

  • Diversity Studies

    Develop a broad understanding of the components of diversity in society.

  • Latin American Latinx Studies

    Explore the culture, arts, literature, spirituality, and history of Latin America and of Latinxs in the United States.

  • Literature

    Support your writing, critical thinking, problem-solving, and empathy.

  • Philosophy

    Learn to live an “examined life.”

  • Religious Studies

    Explore your own spiritual questions and traditions and the religious experience of others around the globe.

  • Writing for Professionals

    Gain the writing skills to support your work in countless career paths.

A program sneak preview

Sample courses

Here are just a few of the courses you may take, depending on the concentrations you choose.

The Art and Craft of Writing

Learn how to tutor your peers in writing. This course will cover tutor ethics and techniques, as well as writing theory, process, and pedagogy. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student to work as a paid Writing Consultant in the HNU Writing Studio.

Latinx Communities and Experiences

Explore the diverse experiences of Latinx communities in the United States, with comparative perspectives and interdisciplinary approaches. Read literature and nonfiction by Latinx/Hispanic authors as well as other sources of information about Latinx history and culture.

Migration and Ethics

Delve into topics around contemporary immigration with a primary focus on the ethical assessment of U.S. immigration policies and practices from a variety of perspectives: philosophy, Christian anthropology, social science, law, and policy.