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Dual Master’s of Arts in Counseling and Forensic Psychology

Master's Degree | On-Campus

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Transform the stigma of mental health

A dual degree with limitless opportunities

Do you care about community mental health and social justice? In HNU’s unique program you’ll study the fascinating intersection of psychology and criminal justice. You'll learn about the culture of the criminal justice system and how social demographics, including race, gender, sexual orientation, class, mental health, and religion affect the distribution of justice, punishment, and treatment. You’ll gain a strong foundation in restorative justice, forensic assessment, and have an opportunity to apply theory to practice through real-world experience.

This one-of-a-kind program leads to two separate master’s degrees (Master’s in Counseling Psychology & Master’s in Forensic Psychology), allowing you to study both forensic and counseling psychology simultaneously. With this flexible path, you can specialize in forensics—a growing and in-demand field—while also preparing for MFT or LPCC licensure.

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Career Outcomes

Where an MA in Counseling and Forensic Psychology can take you

The MA in Counseling and Forensic Psychology will prepare you for a wide range of career options, including work in a behavioral health court, correctional setting, outpatient mental health program, or private practice.

  • Licensed Therapist

    Parole/Probation Reentry Program

  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

    Juvenile Justice Program

  • Jury Research Services

    District Courts

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Student Experience

Program Highlights

• Real-word experience: students gain their own practical experience in clinical placements.
• Flexible course schedule: courses are offered in late afternoons, evenings, weekends, and/or in hybrid format.
• Learn from working professionals: our faculty members are experienced clinicians and researchers.
• Regular campus workshops and lectures with local partners and professionals.

Facts & Figures

Why HNU?


Over 75 affiliated organizations and partners in the greater Bay Area.


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This one-of-a-kind program leads to two separate master’s degrees.

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Counseling & Forensic Psychology Program

Mission Statement

The mission of our program is to train counselors and forensic practitioners to engage with the changing complexity of human experience, to deliver services informed by evidence-based practices and ongoing self-reflection, and to practice with empathy and cultural humility.

A program sneak preview

Sample courses

Here are just a few of the courses you may take.


Examine the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of major mental disorders, and how issues of diversity and socio-economic position affect mental health.

Forensic Psychology and the Law

Explore the intersection of psychology and law including, interview methods, psychological assessment, and standing trial.

Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the Victim

Learn about the psychological effects of physical, sexual, institutional, and environmental victimization.