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Lead with awareness and compassion

Effect change in urban schools

Train to teach and to connect with students in urban schools, be they public or charter. At HNU you’ll find an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity of every kind. School of Education faculty members have earned various degrees related to urban education and have had extensive experience in local urban schools. They serve as field supervisors, academic advisors, and mentors. Students in HNU’s credential programs enjoy bi-weekly, in-class guidance from faculty members.

Credential students are considered 5th-year undergraduate students for financial aid purposes. Students dually enrolled in a credential and Masters programs are considered graduate students.

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Our admissions staff can walk you through educational pathways available at HNU and let you know about upcoming information sessions and School of Education events on campus.

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Where you can teach with a Multiple Subjects credential

The Multiple Subjects teaching credential authorizes the holder to teach all subjects in an elementary classroom from grades K-5 or a self-contained middle school classroom. In addition, the holder of a Multiple Subject teaching credential may serve in a core or team teaching setting.

BATTI cohort & HNU multiple subject credential comparison

BATTI cohort

HNU multiple subject credential

Cohort program

Non-cohort program

Clinical placement consists of working as an Associate Teacher at a private school or Intern Teacher at a public school during the entire program.

Clinical placement consists of one semester of student teaching or one year of internship teaching.

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Bay Area Teacher Training Institute Partnership

The Bay Area Teacher Training Institute (BATTI) has teamed up with Holy Names University’s School of Education to create a hands-on credentialing program where residents earn their Master’s degree and California Multiple Subject Teaching Credential over two years of close mentorship, relationship-building, and dynamic pedagogy. Candidates may inquire and apply on BATTI's website.

Visit BATTI's website Read partnership press release
A program sneak preview

Sample courses

Here are just a few of the courses you may take.

Teaching in the Elementary School

Credential candidates focus on the development of teaching skills related to planning, instruction, assessment, and reflection on instruction. Candidates complete 15 hours of observation in a variety of educational settings and an additional 30 hours in active participation in one classroom. They keep a Theory/Practice log throughout the class, integrating readings and class discussions with observations and participation in the field.

Curriculum and Instruction in the Elementary Schools: Mathematics

This class is an examination of the California State Frameworks, curricula, instructional materials, and teaching strategies in mathematics. Research findings regarding effective teaching and learning, promising practices of classroom teachers, and an interdisciplinary approach are included. Field experience required.

Multicultural Education

Students are introduced to cultural sensitivity and racial awareness through analysis and reflection of their own culture and the cultures reflected by national and state demographic data. Reading and evaluation will focus on major concepts, such as the socio-cultural and institutional forces, and the historical and political factors that influence and affect behavioral patterns, perceptions, values, cultural identity, equality, and academic performance.