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Undergraduate Concentration in Computer Science

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Prepare for a career in technology

Interested in an introduction to the field of Computer Science? This concentration will get you up to speed from square one with courses in coding, application development, and web design. For Interdisciplinary Studies majors, the concentration pairs well with Digital Arts and Writing for Professionals. A student with those concentrations would be well prepared to begin careers as technical writers, content developers, and course designers. Students with concentrations or majors in other subjects will be able to make themselves more marketable with the computer skills learned in the Computer Science concentration.

Concentrations provide an opportunity for students to take a focused set of classes in a discipline outside of their major in order to enhance their grounding in the liberal arts, augment their major coursework, or gain additional competencies related to career goals. Concentrations may also be the building blocks of an Interdisciplinary Studies degree. The concentration will be listed on a student’s transcript along with their major.

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Career Paths

What you can do with a Computer Science Concentration

This hands-on program is good preparation for a variety of careers. Earning a Computer Science Concentration can be a versatile beginning to a career in technology, whether your interest is creating software, managing engineers, designing educational software, or promoting it.

  • Technical Writer

  • Instructional Designer

  • Content Marketer

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Offered in collaboration with Google

HNU is collaborating with Google and other private colleges on a computer science concentration inspired by some of the greatest minds in the field. Google supports the new concentration with members of the Lower Cost Models Consortium (LCMC), comprised of over 75 private colleges and universities—including HNU—dedicated to offering high-quality and affordable educational programs to a diverse student body.

Google serves as a curriculum sponsor to this Computer Science concentration, providing ongoing guidance and feedback on the course topics and learning outcomes. Google knows firsthand what the most relevant skills are in the tech sector.

A program sneak preview

Sample courses

Here are just a few of the courses you may take.

Computer Coding in Python

This course teaches students the basics of computer programming using Python, including program construction and data analysis using the built-in Python data structures such as lists, dictionaries, and tuples. Students will also be introduced to the core syntax, commands, and data structures of the Python programming language.

Application Development I

This is the first course in the Application Development series. Application Development I introduces students to Django - a Python-based framework used in the creation of complex, data-driven websites. Students will learn the features and particularities of Django, as well as the basics of web applications including HTML, the Request-Response structure, and the internal structure of servers. Students will also review the basics of database management, and dive deeper into a variety of data structures and modules.

Web Development for Computer Science

Web Development introduces students to HTML, CSS, and Javascript - the core technologies which power modern websites. Students will learn how to create interactive, aesthetically pleasing websites for a variety of purposes. This course culminates in a project which will have students build a website for a real or imaginary product of their choosing. Students concurrently enrolled in Application Development II are encouraged to build a website that corresponds with their project in that course.