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Undergraduate Concentrations in Writing for Professionals

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Write content that inspires others

This Concentration is particularly good for those students who want to become journalists, bloggers, or other types of writers. Good writing skills can also support countless other career paths. Skills such as effective communications, providing good leadership, understanding others' values and points of view, critical thinking, problem-solving, and creating connections across complex ideas make graduates indispensable to employers across a wide variety of fields.

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Career Outcomes

What to expect from a concentration in writing for professionals

Strong writing skills enhance any profession. But if you're looking for writing to be the focus on your career, you could look forward to any of these professions.

  • Editor

  • Social Media Manager

  • Technical Writer

A program sneak preview

Sample courses

Here are just a few of the courses you may take.

Feature Writing and Blogging

An introduction to the journalistic Q&A, profile, feature story and review, and blogging as an offshoot of journalism and form of creative expression. This hands-on class will analyze and reference contemporary national, regional and local newspapers, as well as online news sites, and groundbreaking movements in recent history that have led to major changes in style and reportage.

The Art and Craft of Writing

This class is a practical and theoretical course that trains students to tutor their peers in writing. The course will cover tutor ethics and techniques, as well as writing theory, process, and pedagogy. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student to work as a paid Writing Consultant in the HNU Writing Studio.

Professional Writing

Prepare to write in a wide range of professional settings. The class helps the writer vary style and tone for different audiences and uses small group discussion and peer editing to improve critical thinking and writing skills. Sample projects include statements of purpose, profiles, résumés, and proposals.