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Registrar's Office and Student Resource Center

The Registrar’s Office and Student Resource Center are here for you! We assist you with registration, schedule changes, payment arrangements, enrollment verifications, and in-school deferments. We maintain your grades and transcripts. We are a central location for any academic form you may need. We provide certification for athletic participation and veterans’ benefits. We help you track your academic progress, evaluate your transfer work, check your requirements, post your degree, and grant your diploma when you’ve met your goal. And we can refer you to the right office on campus if it’s not us!

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  • Contact Information and Hours
  • Services and Forms

Contact Information

Email: studentresourcecenter@hnu.edu
Phone: (510) 436-1133
Fax: (510) 436-1199
Location: Hester Administration Building, Room 11

Student Resource Center

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
We are also open on the following Saturday:
September 6, November 8, January 24 and March 28

Services Provided by the Student Resource Center

Forms Provided by the Student Resource Center

(Starting Fall 2014, the "Schedule Change Form" and the "Schedule Change Form - Special Circumstances Form" will be combined as one. Instructions for the form are on page 2 of the new form.)

Blackboard Instructions

Blackboard is an interactive site in which students can view course syllabi, assignments, and other material as provided by the instructor.


For the protection of your confidential records, transcripts must be requested in writing and are ready for mailing or pick-up within 7-10 business days after request is received in the SRC. The cost of an official transcripts is $5, a faxed unofficial transcript is $5, and an unofficial is $3.

There are 3 ways to request your transcripts:

  1. Fax the Transcript Request Form to the SRC 510-436-1199.
  2. Mail the Transcript Request Form along with payment to the SRC
    Holy Names University
    Student Resource Center
    3500 Mountain Boulevard
    Oakland, CA 94619
  3. In person - Fill out form in the SRC, Hester Administration Building Room 11.

Transcripts are only released to students who are financially cleared

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Degree and Enrollment Verification

Holy Names University has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment and degree verifications. The National Student Clearinghouse can be contacted at:

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Boulevard, Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171

Third-Party Requests

Students who receive requests from a third party for degree verification may refer them to:

National Student Clearinghouse
2300 Dulles Station Blvd., Suite 300
Herndon, VA 20171
Phone: 703.742.4200
Fax: 703.742.4239
Email: service@studentclearinghouse.org

Please contact the Student Resource Center for further assistance.

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Grade reports are now published electronically through the Hawk's Edge student portal.

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Registration and Changing of Schedules

Meet with your academic advisor to select your classes. Registration and Changing of Class are done online through your Hawk's Edge Student Portal. See Calendars in the Schedule of Classes for registration dates.

However, some classes are available for Paper-Only Registration. These classes are designated with the comment, Paper-Only, in the online course listings. You must submit a Schedule Change: Special Circumstances Form to register for Paper-Only courses or courses that fall under the following categories:

  • If you plan to take Internships, Private Music Lessons, or specialized Major classes
  • If you plan to repeat classes
  • If you plan to take a class that has a prerequisite that you satisfied at another school. If you plan on changing the grading mode of your course (i.e. You wish to change your grading mode from Letter Grade to Credit/No Credit or Audit).

Information about deadlines can be found on the calendars in the Schedule Of Classes.

Registration and Schedule Changes during the Summer and Fall 2014 Academic Terms

The Registrar's Office and Student Resource Center are committed to providing a registration experience that is easy, accessible and accurate. System issues are requiring us to use paper forms for Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session Drops at 50%, Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session Class Withdrawals, as well as all Fall Term 2/Spring Term 4/Summer Term 6 scheduling requests (Class Adds, Drops and Withdrawals). After the Last Day to Add and Drop at 100% Refund for Fall Semester/Spring Semester/Summer Session, you must submit the appropriate Schedule Change Form to process the scheduling changes mentioned above. While we encourage you to discuss registration matters with your advisor, advisor and instructor signature(s) are not required on these forms (unless specified).

Full and Waitlisted Classes

There are 2 different procedures to deal with full and waitlisted classes for the 2 different weeks of the Add period.

  • Week 1
    Summer: May 19 - May 25
    Fall: August 27 - September 2

    As a space opens in a class due to a student drop, the next student on the waitlist will be moved in automatically and will receive an email on his/her HNU account. The same process applies if a professor decides to raise the cap on a class.

  • Week 2
    Summer: May 26 - June 2
    Fall: September 3 - September 10

    Waitlist moves will be done only at the instructor's discretion in week 2. You need to fill out a Schedule Change Form: Special Circumstances, get it signed by the instructor, and submit it to the Student Resource Center by June 2 (for Summer) and September 10 (for Fall).

    You should attend the class/es you hope to add while you wait to see if space opens up.

    Note: Waitlists for (Summer) Term 5 and (Fall) Term 1 classes will be done via automatic moves only. (Summer) Term 6 and (Fall) Term 2 will be processed by paper form.

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Changing Personal Information, Major

Contact the SRC with address or telephone changes or fill out the following form.

If you need to change you name, you will need to bring in a copy of the document, be it a marriage license or divorce decree, stating legal name change.

You can also change your major, minor, and or advisor by filling out the form below.

Change of Major and Change of Minor Form

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Student Accounts and Tuition

Tuition can be paid through the following methods: cash, check, credit card (Discover, Visa, Mastercard or American Express), tuition reimbursement, monthly payment plan, and/or financial aid. Please refer to the Student Accounts Office for more information.

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Refund Check Disbursement

It is important to look out for these deadlines as turning in a form one day later may mean the difference between receiving a 100% percent refund or a 50% refund of tuition. The Refund Policy is set according to program type, i.e., semester, trimester, ex.cel. (See the refund schedules on the Student Accounts webpage.)

If the refund is dependent on Financial Aid, checks are made available to students approximately 7-14 days after Financial Aid funds are received by the Student Accounts Office and your account shows a credit balance.

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Photo ID

Fill out a form in the SRC and take your picture. Replacement IDs cost $30.

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Leave of Absence or Withdrawal

Students would fill out a Leave Of Absence form to withdraw from the University with the option of returning at a specified time in the future. Students who wish to withdraw from the University for an unspecified length of time, may apply for a Withdrawal. Completed forms should be turned in to the SRC. Please note the Refund Schedule that can be found in the Schedule of Classes Booklet.

To request a Leave Of Absence or Withdrawal form, please fill out the Forms Request page,  specifying the form you need, and whether you’d like to print the form or receive it via email.

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