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We are here for you

A Video Message from the Student Support Team

Screenshot of Zoom conference Play Video

Hello Hawks,

Different offices are time-stamped so if you need to know something specific you can look for them in the video, but I hope you will hear from everyone!

We are all in this together so let us know what you need, and send someone in this video a note letting them know how you are doing.

Wishing you and your loved ones safety and good health.

Laura Lyndon
Vice President for Student Affairs

Video timestamps:

  • Laura Lyndon, VP of Student Affairs — 0:00
  • Nicole Whitner, Dean of Students — 0:27
  • Casey LeBarbera, Assistant Dean & HNU Student Experience Coordinator — 1:01
  • Monica Garcia, Director of Advising and Learning Resources — 1:45
  • Stephen Sticka, Registrar — 2:45
  • Rose Stadler, Interim Director of Financial Aid — 3:44
  • Chris Chu, Student Success and Retention — 5:13
  • Eleanor McFarlin, Associate Dean and Director of Student Success — 7:03
  • Cameron Parker, Retention Support Specialist — 8:52
  • Rebecca Whitney, Disability Support Services Coordinator — 10:32
  • Sheena Campbell, Head of Information Literacy — 11:38
  • Judy Curtis, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services — 14:05
  • Jenny Girard Malley, Co-Director Campus Ministry — 15:23
  • Douglas Phenix, Assistant Director of Career Services —16:44
  • Freddy Gutierrez, Director of CSJCE — 18:33
  • Claudine Parks, Administrative Coordinator to the VP — 20:00
  • Closing message — 20:52