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HNU Alumni share food and memories in Japan

Holy Names University alumni together in Japan

In September 2019, Holy Names alumni came together to eat and reminisce in Japan. Mio Matsuhisa, from HNU’s Office of International Education, said the 14 alumni in attendance (Class of 1974 to 2003) immediately had a special chemistry—most had never met, but they shared memories and stories of Holy Names like old friends. During the event, Mio showed a video of campus scenes and greetings from staff and faculty, prompting shouts of “natsukashii” (good memories) from the assembled alumni.

Alumni in attendance:

  • Aya Matsushima (Yu) ’03
  • Akihiro Fujinaka
  • Chiaki Ishii ’85
  • Mari Suga (Ebihara) ’95
  • Connie Roguski ’74
  • Miki Inoue (Saito) ’93
  • Mahina Ban ’97
  • Ichiro Onda ’75
  • Catherine Osias Endo ’77
  • Hiromi Nakajima ’91
  • Akemi Fujii ’91
  • Masue Izu ’95
  • Takeshi Mizuno ’85
  • Atsuko Mizuno ’85