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Inside the Writing Studio

The Writing Studio is an open and welcoming community who strives to encourage academic growth through collaborating with other students. What drew me to the Writing Studio is the idea that I can help students work through their challenges of writing papers or even brainstorming for their essay topics. English is one of my majors and writing is also one of my passions, and I think the Writing Studio is a great opportunity for me to reach out to others who have difficulties in that subject.

The Writing Studio is a platform that provides people on campus with peers who are eager to assist in any way possible. I think it’s a unique way of tutoring because having a student tutor may not be as intimidating when another student wants to reach out for help. I enjoy understanding how everyone learns and using different techniques in order to help that person achieve their goals. It’s important to know what kind of learner the tutee is, and then from there, tailor my tutoring skills and strategies to that particular student. It’s also an amazing experience to have a tutoring session with a student who over time develops into an effective writer with great confidence.

My main goal as a Writing Studio tutor is to create a positive environment for other students and to encourage them to grow with their writing by gaining self-confidence. One thing that I’ve learned from being a tutor is that many students are afraid to come to the Writing Studio for help because they are embarrassed by their writing skills, but in reality, we are working at the Writing Studio to help and encourage these students. We desire to assist students with their writing and help them grow their writing skills— it’s literally our entire job. A student should not feel self-conscious when coming to the Writing Studio because everybody, even us tutors, have had difficulties coming up with what to write or how to word certain ideas, so students should not feel like they are going through this process alone. We have all been there one way or another. If anything, the students who do come to the Writing Studio should feel empowered because they are making the initiative to get help in the areas where they may need it. They understand their battles with writing and they take advantage of the free tutoring, with motivation to hone in on their skills and improve as a writer.

A challenge that students face that I enjoy helping them with is starting their essays. Many tutees know what they want to say, but just don’t know how to write it down on paper. So asking open-ended questions and having a conversation about the essay topic helps them realize that they have had the answers all along, but they just simply needed a little push to get started. Though the Writing Studio is only available virtually this semester, I hope that students know that the tutors are still passionate and able to help anyone with the desire to become a better writer.