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Student scholarship highlight

Kristina Abella helps survivors thrive

Kristina Abella is a fourth-year sociology student at HNU and the recipient of the Julie Ann Bertolero Memorial Scholarship.

Abella is the founder and president of the Darlings Club, a student advocacy group that brings awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault. She is committed to helping survivors of domestic abuse and their loved ones by providing important resources and support to help them succeed and thrive despite their difficult circumstances.

“Holy Names has become a home for me. My experiences at HNU have built my self-confidence and increased my professional prospects. I have grown so much at HNU and the people I have met have made my HNU experience great. My professors, advisors, and career placement staff have been so understanding and helpful. They learned that I have a tendency to spread myself too thin and that I get very nervous applying to a new job, internship or preparing my class schedule. They all work to calm me down and help me to move forward in a positive, productive manner,” said Abella.

“I was told my senior year in high school that college is not about the school you commit to but who commits to your success at that school. Holy Names is definitely committed to preparing students for opportunities and successful, rewarding, lives. I know that there is no journey that I cannot undertake after my experience at HNU.”