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Teaching with Humor and Joy: Martin Lampert, PhD

Outstanding Faculty Award

For the past 30 years, Dr. Martin Lampert has served the students of Holy Names as a committed professor and mentor. He serves the larger community through his volunteer work, laughter yoga circles, leadership in the International Society for Humor Studies, and by regularly presenting and publishing research. His bright and infectious personality makes him a beloved teacher, colleague, and friend.

“Dr. Lampert is genuinely dedicated to Holy Names University—its mission, its values, and its community. He makes HNU a better place for students and colleagues alike,” said Dr. Kate Isaacson, a colleague of Dr. Lampert’s in the psychology department.

Dr. Lampert’s current and past contributions to HNU include designing new coursework, setting up the University’s Psych Lab, serving for 20 years as chair of Social Science Division, serving as chair of the Faculty Senate multiple times, and serving on most of the faculty senate committees—to name just a few.

Dr. Perri Franskoviak, counseling and forensic psychology program director, said about Dr. Lampert: “I know he teaches with rigor and kindness, and I deeply respect and value his presence here and the example he provides to his colleagues. [I have] a profound sense of respect and affection for my colleague.”

“His values reflect those of HNU in ways that [simply] listing his teaching, service to HNU, and outreach to the larger Oakland community may not show. He is committed to his students; he walks the extra mile with them,” added Maureen Hester, SNJM ’57, psychology professor emerita.