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Pandemic Prose, Poetry, and Pics

HNU community's creative response to the COVID-19 crisis.

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Art from our community

Kathy Garlick

Here, San Francisco

Poem by Kathy Garlick

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Jay Castillo

Jamin Castillo - Quarantine_Hammock

Hammock project by Jay Castillo

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Tayler Jones

Lord of the Rings Nail Art

Incredible nail art by Tayler Jones

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Marcie Haduca

Quarantine Crossroads

A painting by Marcie Haduca

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Marty McGinn

Marty McGinn "Gotta Stay Home"

Harry Nilsson's classic "Gotta Get Up" redone for the time of coronavirus quarantine.

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Kate Carmona

Katerine Carmona Arbelaez

In this video, we will learn about two basic dynamics (piano and forte) by singing the song Grizzly bear.

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Trisha Badong

A Poem by Trish Badong

An ED nurse's mini struggles against COVID at work

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Maree Hennessy

Soy Una Taza

Submitted by Kodály Center Director, Maree Hennessy. Miss Kate sings and dances through Soy Una Taza, a song popularized by Canta Juego!

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Father Salvatore Ragusa, SDS

Flowers by the McLean Chapel

Photo by Father Sal

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Rachelle Ruiz-Campos

Lake Merritt Under Quarantine

Photo by Rachel Ruiz-Campos

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Bethany Fitelson

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

Bethany and Sophia Fitelson Earl Grey and Tea Cookies

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Claudine Parks

Llama with a Rose

Panting by Claudine Parks

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Day 24

Watercolor by Stephanie Silva and son

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A Little Stir Crazy

Video from the family of Sonia Caltvedt

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Sheila Smith McKoy

Elemental for Regina Carter

Poem by Dr. Sheila Smith Mckoy

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Laura Lyndon

Rooted in Love

Painting by Laura Lyndon

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HNU President Michael Groener

A Silver Lining

Poem by Mike Groener

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